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3.1. Must View All/Entire Response Message

When submitting a score, you may receive one of the following messages:

"You must view all items or pages!"

If you receive this message, click OK and view the pages to submit a score. There may be several pages to view or dependent items to view.

"You must view the entire response area by scrolling down, right, and/or using the resizing tools."


If you receive this message, click OK and use the scroll bars located on the right and bottom to move and view the entire response area to submit a score. You may also use the resizing tools to view the entire response area. 

If a response has loaded but it appears to be blank, use the fit-to-width or length options from the resizing tools menu at the top of the response area. These options will allow you to see the entire response, including any text that may be obscured by the default magnification of the response. A scroll bar located on the right side, or the bottom of the response area will also be an indication that you may need to zoom out to view the entire response.

Note: There may not be anything additional to see/score after scrolling to the right and down, but the system requires that you check the entire response area when you get this message to submit a score and continue to the next response.




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